Cozy Room

Michelle Pennington 

Graduate Student Intern

Michelle has a special interest in helping individuals, couples, and families work through current or past traumas. She has the life experience, understanding, and compassion to guide you whether you are a corporate executive or a busy stay-at-home mom. In addition, Michelle has a passion and background for working with children and teens facing the challenges of today’s youth such as social media, bullying, and the recent pandemic, etc. She enjoys teaching others about better communication, self-acceptance, and self-care.


Throughout her life and former career, Michelle has shown a unique gift of helping others find their true authentic self. During her time as a former executive and stay-at-home mom, Michelle found her true calling in the role of mentor and peacemaker to friends and former employees. As an adult and childhood trauma survivor, she understands the challenges one must work through to move forward to have a healthy life. Her past gives her a deep empathy towards the struggles of others.


Michelle is currently in her last year as a student therapist in the Marriage and Family TherapyMaster’s Program at Friends University. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University.  She believes that quality mental health care should be accessbile to everyone, and for that reason, sessions are $25. Please inguire about an ability to pay scale if needed.  She currently has immediate availability and is able to accodate busy families needing evening and weekend appointments.   Please don't let access to compassionate help be your barrier to finding joy in your home.