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Elise McKamie-Kurtz
Graduate Student Intern


Bringing a warm and inviting presence to the therapy environment, Elise makes a priority to be authentic and understanding. Seeking out therapy is one of the hardest things we can do, and she wants every client to see their strength and bravery in taking that step. Elise has life experience as being a mom of three kids, having a background working in a mental health facility for children, and has consistently worked as a tennis coach throughout her entire career. Elise has a passion for working with children (infancy through teens), families, individuals, and couples with the hope of systematic change in addition to individual progress.


 Elise understands how hard it is to have big adjustments in life, whether its unforeseen events, trauma, marriage, parenting, postpartum difficulties, and so on. On top of these adjustments, anxiety, depression, or imbalances in mood can make life seem overwhelming.  It is Elise’s desire to walk through these hard times with you and help you to find peace and joy in your own life as you strive to meet your personal goals.


Elise is currently a graduate student in the Master of Science in Family Therapy Program at Friends University in Kansas City. She is under the supervision of a Clinical Faculty Member of Friends University who is a licensed marriage and family therapist.


It is Elise’s desire for anyone who desires therapy to be able to access it, so therefore Elise’s session fee is $25. If needed, please inquire about our ability to pay scale. Elise currently has availability on weekdays, some weeknights and Saturdays.


 Elise is not accepting new clients currently

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